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What is Smarter Living?

Smarter Living provide a complete solution for your home environment, encompassing control over your home’s lighting (both artificial and natural), temperature (heating, cooling & solar control), entertainment, internet and the list goes on. We don’t employ technology for its own sake. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your home and your enjoyment of it.

Lighting Control
You can add intelligence to your lighting with Lutron HomeworksQS; set mood scenes via Lutron’s app; intelligent occupancy-sensing in hallways and bathrooms, astronomical timeclocks for automated lighting etc.
LED Lighting
We specialise in architectural LED lighting design. We supply ultra-discrete iLED  fittings that perform and look better than generic alternatives and are guaranteed for 5 years.
Motorised Blinds & Curtains
Lutron’s SivoiaQS sheer and blackout rollers, roman blinds, rails can be used as part of a lighting system or stand-alone for solar control, privacy as well as contributing to your home’s aesthetics.
Home Cinema
Everyone can have a taste of home cinema now as flatscreen TV’s have got bigger, better and cheaper. However, for the discerning movie or sport lover, a TV cannot match the scale and quality that can be produced with a good projector and screen.
WiFi & Networks
WiFi is nearly as important as running water in the modern home. We can install an enterprise grade WiFi network into your home which will tie in with whichever internet service provider you sign up with.
Multiroom Audio
Multi-room audio has increased in popularity over the last 20 years and it has evolved to now make it possible to listen to almost anything on demand anywhere in your home. The market leader for music delivery is Sonos. We partner Sonos with great quality amplification and loudspeakers to bring you high fidelity sound.
Audio Visual
Send 4K UHD to multiple TVs throughout your house will all hardware hidden out of site in the utility room. A simple all-in-one remote gives you control of your equipment keeping remote control clutter to a minimum.  Stream music and radio to any room and even play music from your phone. At the press of a button, turn your living room into a cinema with a concealed projector and motorised screen.
Heating Control
Lutron’s Thermostats can be tied in with lighting control and window treatments to give you complete control of your home environment from a single app that can be operated remotely ensuring you are greeted by total comfort the moment you open the front door.