Systems & Products

Smarter Living can provide a complete solution for your home environment, encompassing control over your home’s lighting (both artificial and natural), temperature (heating, cooling & solar control), entertainment, internet and the list goes on. We don’t employ technology for its own sake. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your home and your enjoyment of it.

Lighting Control Keypad

Lighting Control

Lutron is recognised throughout the industry as the original and best lighting control company in the world and they have a control solution for projects of various scales from one-room applications using GrafikeyeQS, 2-4 room solutions with RadiaRa2 and whole home with HomeworksQS.  Lutron  provides convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated control of your home’s interior/exterior lighting and much more beside such as solar control using SivoiaQS window treatments and temperature control.

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LED Lighting

We are agents for Linealight, a long established Italian lighting company who blend the latest LED technology with cutting edge design to produce unsurpassed light quality and style.

Why is Linealight’s iLED architectural lighting range a perfect fit for this high-end development?

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LED Lighting
Motorised Blinds Smart House

Motorised Blinds & Curtains

Lutron Sivoia motorised drapery tracks and blind systems offer huge benefits decoratively and functionally.

The beautiful appearance and the multitude of fabrics & materials available speak for themselves.

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Home Cinema

Everyone can have a taste of home cinema now as flat screen TVs have got bigger, better and cheaper. However, for the discerning movie or sport lover, a TV cannot match the scale and quality that can be produced with a good projector and screen. This, partnered with specialist loudspeakers and amplification, really can give you a cinema in your home that will rival the best commercial cinemas. Our home cinema’s start from around €10,000.

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Home Cinema Smart House
WIFI Smart House

WIFI & Networks

Integration is the process of bringing together the various components of an installation and combining them for the purposes of convenience and mutual enhancement. For example, we integrate our Lighting & Theatre Systems to great effect. To integrate two separate systems such as Lighting and Theatre a third product is required, this third product does all the communicating between devices, making sure that they perform the tasks you desire.

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Multi-Room Audio

Multi-room audio has increased in popularity over the last 20 years and it has evolved to now make it possible to listen to almost anything on demand anywhere in your home.

The market leader for music delivery is Sonos. What we do is partner Sonos with great quality amplification and loudspeakers to bring you high fidelity sound.

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Multi-Room Audio Smart Home
HDTV AV Integration Smart House

HDTV & AV Integration

When you have an HD distribution system, multiple sources , multiple TVs and audio equipment that could mean a lot of remote controls! We supply URC’s simple AV control products to make using your system as easy as possible. Pressing ‘Sky HD’ in your cinema room switches on the projector, drops the screen, switches the surround amp to the right input and then you are presented with the familiar Sky menu on your URC remote.

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Heating Control

Lutron’s range of thermostats can be used standalone or as part of a Homeworks control system to control a range or combination of heating and cooling methods.

When used as part of a control system you are given more than simple timed thermostatic control of your environment; for instance we as part of a full control system if a room gets too hot during the day as a result of solar gain Lutron sheer blinds could be programmed to lower.

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Heating Control Smart House