HDTV & AV Integration

HDTV AV Integration Smart House

We use HDAnywhere HD matrices to give you HD picture and sound from Sky, AppleTV, Bluray and CCTV throughout your home. Enjoy great picture and sound without having to look a Sky boxes and cabling in your living spaces.

Multiple sources , multiple TVs and audio equipment can mean lots of remote controls.

We supply URC’s simple AV control products to make using your system as easy as possible.

Pressing ‘Sky HD’ in your cinema room switches on the projector, drops the screen, switches the surround amp to the right input and then you are presented with the familiar Sky menu on your URC remote.

Even your smart phone or tablet can control any AV device in your home.

Every room in your house can be programmed to work the same way so whether its a simple bedroom with a smart TV or a more complicated cinema set up the interface is the same.

HDTV AV Integration Smart House
URC Universal Remote Smart House