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Linealight Architectural Lighting LED


We are agents for Linealight, a long established Italian lighting company who blend the latest LED technology with cutting edge design to produce unsurpassed light quality and style. Why are we so excited about Linealight’s iLED architectural lighting range?

  • They produce more light per watt than generic LED lamps.
  • They produce a light quality akin to low voltage halogen; albeit with a tenth of the running costs
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Minimal heat generation.
  • iLED can deliver this from a fitting commonly half the size of an equivalent downlight or courtesy light. When the lighting is switched off the fixtures blend in to their surroundings. When they are switched on they show off the architecture at its best.

Architectural lighting schemes

Our lighting schemes are designed with 2 principal functions in mind. The first is general & task lighting which uses higher powered luminaires such as the Warp 8 watt light which can output twice the lumens (brightness) of a generic GU10 LED lamp available through electrical wholesalers. This type of lighting needs to be bright and adaptable enough to allow you to work, cook and read by. The second type is accent lighting which includes courtesy lights (gypsum picture), linear features such as ceiling coffers, covings using products such as Fylo and wall lighting using fixtures like the Stig or Ilamt.

Exterior lighting schemes

Linealight have a missive range of exterior fittings that are designed for years of trouble-free operation. Our favourites are bollard lights such as the Ryo, pathmarker lighting such as concentrica, wall lighting such as the Vedette.

LED Lighting
Exterior LED Lighting