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Lighting Control

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Light Switches or Lighting Control?

In a traditional electrical wiring, switching and dimming is performed locally, i.e. in the room in question using either a switch or a rotary dimmer. If you want to be able to switch a light on or off from more than one location it needs to be specially wired. If you ever want anything changed you have to physically rewire

In a lighting control system, switching and dimming is centralised. Your lighting is then controlled via keypads, occupancy sensors, timeclock, app or 3rd party equipment as necessary. If you decide to change what lights a keypad controls then the system can be re-programmed at any time.

Why Lutron?

Lutron is recognised throughout the industry as the original and best lighting control company in the world. They have a control solution for projects of various scales from one-room applications using GrafikeyeQS, 2-4 room solutions with RadiaRa2 and whole home with HomeworksQS.

Lutron  provides convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated control of your home’s interior/exterior lighting and much more beside such as solar control using SivoiaQS window treatments and temperature control.

Lighting Control
Lighting Control
Lighting Control Systems

How can a Lutron system benefit your home and lifestyle?

Aesthetics: Unsightly and noisy multi-gang dimmers are replaced with attractive and self-explanatory keypads.

Convenience: Switch off all lighting with one button press at the Hall Door, turn on the outside lighting from the bedroom; set the house to party-mode with one button-press and much, much more.

Safety: Lighting will respond to a fire alarm and activate an evacuation preset guiding occupants out of the house by the use of flashing exit points.

Security: In vacation mode, Homeworks can simulate occupancy while you are away, adjusting lights and blinds in the evenings as if you were at home, allowing you to sleep soundly in the knowledge that your home is not an obvious target for thieves.

Efficiency: Should you leave a room and forget to turn the lights off, Homeworks will know and dim the lights for you, which of course conserves energy and helps protect the environment.

Elegance: Moving throughout your home will be a whole new experience when the lights around you are working automatically.